Customers Use Handhelds to Interact with Web Retailers Using New WeSync ''Tell Me More!'' Feature

    At the Demo2000 Conference today,, Inc. broadened the value of its flagship service WeSync(TM) to online content providers by unveiling and activating a new technology that gives providers the ability to deliver interactive content directly to customer handhelds.

    WeSync is a web-based service that lets handheld users subscribe to dynamic information on the devices of others, or on the Web. The service keeps that information current automatically by communicating changes to shared information between disparate devices with every sync. The new "Tell Me More!" feature allows users to complete a wide range of actions, from basic information requests, to interactive online promotions, right from their handheld.

    "WeSync has provided a nicely integrated vehicle for web retailers to extend their marketing and eCommerce strategies to customer handhelds," said Jim Forbes, executive editor of DemoLetter and co-producer of Demo 2000. "But there's also high value to the customer, me, because WeSync has just made it much easier to act on information that is important to me, anywhere I am, right on my handheld."

    Palm VII(TM) Owners Use "Tell Me More!" Wirelessly

    Through WeSync, users can stock their handhelds with public information of interest to them (sports calendars, trade show schedules, etc.) by simply subscribing to it within the WeSync public libraries.

    The new "Tell Me More!" feature gives the providers of that content the ability to embed a simple transaction within an individual event on a calendar which resides on the user's handheld. An icon in the event description indicates that there is an action associated with that event, which can be triggered by simply tapping the icon. Content providers can embed a range of actions -- interactive promotions, automated requests for additional information, or an email list sign-up for examples -- all right within an event. The action can even vary within different events on the same calendar. Once the action has been initiated on the handheld, it is completed via the Web when the user next syncs.

    On the Palm VII(TM) Connected Organizer however, users can act on "Tell Me More" opportunities in real time, while away from their desktop, taking advantage of their device's wireless capabilities. In this case the action is simply completed wirelessly, complete with a confirmation message, on the fly.

    Thousands Share Living Data through WeSync Personal

    After a successful three-month public beta with several thousand users, the shipping version of WeSync(TM) Personal featuring Wireless Refresh(TM) was released publicly this week. The service gives handheld users the ability to "subscribe" to living information on other users' devices, and maintains the accuracy of that information through an integrated Web synchronization process that communicates changes to shared information between disparate devices with every sync.

    "I saw it (WeSync) and was stunned," said Neil Rhodes, co-author of Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide. After a brief download and an initial setup, Rhodes was able to view a duplicate of his wife's calendar alongside his own schedule, right on his device. The service automatically communicates changes to the shared information on each device every time one member of the couple performs a sync operation. "This is the killer ap, for me, and I think for other Palm users as well."

    Flagship of Collaborative Computing Solutions for Handhelds

    The WeSync service is the first in a line of Web-based collaborative solutions being developed by for the handheld platform. Both of the initial versions operate on the Palm Computing(R) platform, however, the company also plans to release versions which support the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) CE and the Apple(R) Macintosh(R) platforms.

    Versions of the solution with additional security, management and administrative features specifically designed for corporate and enterprise applications are also currently under development. For additional information, or to create an account and download the software components, please visit

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