Diversinet and InfoSpace to Demonstrate Secure Wireless E-Commerce Applications at Wireless 2000

    Diversinet Corp. (NASDAQ: DVNT)(CDN: DVNT.), a leading provider of security solutions for wireless e-commerce, and InfoSpace.com (NASDAQ: INSP), a leading global provider of information and commerce infrastructure services to Web sites, merchants and wireless devices, today announced the two firms will demonstrate a wireless banking application using Diversinet's technology on the Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry (tm) pager and an Ericsson GSM phone using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) client certificates at Diversinet's booth no. 2371 during the Wireless 2000 conference.

    InfoSpace will demonstrate a wireless banking service that will be secured using Diversinet's PASSport(tm) technology. Diversinet's wireless optimized PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) provides true end-to-end security and supports both WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and non-WAP device platforms through a single infrastructure. With this security in place, consumers of wireless data services are free to use innovative applications such as mobile banking, without the worries of spoofed bank sites or someone impersonating them to gain access to their funds.

    Through InfoSpace's established relationships with leading global wireless carriers and a distribution network of over 2,500 Web sites, the company is bridging the gap between the online, offline and wireless worlds. InfoSpace provides information and commerce infrastructure services to some of the top carriers in the world. Through the acquisition of Saraide, InfoSpace will now have more than 24 carrier relationships in Europe, North America and Asia including AT&T, Vodafone, Sprint, BellSouth, GTE, AirTouch, Dutchtone, Panafon, J-Phone, ADAM, KPN, Omnitel, diAx, Telfort, Libertel, Ben and Microcell Telecommunications.

    Diversinet's pioneering technology enables bandwidth-constrained devices, such as pagers, cellular phones and wireless-enabled PDAs, to securely perform the most advanced wireless tasks - everything from sending and receiving confidential corporate e-mail to purchasing books and electronic goods.

    "Over the last six months, our relationship with InfoSpace has helped to deliver an integrated, secure wireless solution for their enterprise customers," says Nagy Moustafa, president and CEO of Diversinet. "InfoSpace has moved aggressively in providing a platform of wireless information and commerce services, and their decision to demonstrate with us reinforces their commitment to providing the best possible security to their customers." Moustafa says.

    "Our relationship with Diversinet has helped us to deliver the industry's most robust and secure, fully integrated information and commerce services available today on a wireless device," said Naveen Jain, chairman and CEO of InfoSpace. "The first-in-class security features available on InfoSpace information and commerce services will create end-to-end trust between end users and sources of secure information on the Internet, such as banks and financial institutions. End users will be able to use commerce features such as single-click purchase and access confidential information with confidence."

    Diversinet's patented Passport product line includes the Passport Certificate Server and the Digital Permit(tm) Server. The Passport Certificate and Digital Permit Servers work together to provide secure certification and authorization services over wireless and wireline networks.

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