Rolls Out A Complete, Hand-Held Information Solution for Physicians (OTCBB:DOCP) today announced that it has completed training of its national salesforce and is making available to the healthcare marketplace a multi-functional, mobile, hand-held information solution for the medical practitioner.

    The centerpiece of this complete information solution is called DocScript(TM), an electronic prescription writing and management software application residing on a palm-sized device with a color screen that can be carried in the physician's lab coat.

    It allows physicians to create electronic prescriptions, validate scripts against plan specific formularies, check drug interaction data, generate prescription-related patient information and improve refill management.

    The DocScript(TM) application, developed by MasterChart Inc., with headquarters in Bannockburn, Ill., utilizes Microsoft's CE(TM)-based, instant-on, mobile operating system.

    Also planned for inclusion with the DocScript(TM) e-prescription management software will be MasterChart's fully integrated voice recording software for medical note transcription, vital signs data input and patients' record management.

    Interfaces for most major practice management systems' scheduling and billing modules are currently available. The total system is also designed to support the user's lifestyle and general information needs.

    For example, user-specific news, sports, stock quotes and other services will also be delivered on demand, along with "electronic organizer" and e-mail functions that will be available at the touch of a button on the Practical Portable device.

    According to Roger Moxley,'s senior vice president of business development, this system provides a very affordable, easy-to-learn and use, hand-held solution which complements physician's daily routines, enhances their productivity and improves patient care.

    "The Practical Portable system eliminates so many of the physicians' traditional software acceptance barriers while providing so much desired functionality; we are convinced it will be the first of its kind to gain major physician market acceptance." anticipates that several thousand units will be deployed in the next 12 months.

    Pat Clawson, MasterChart's vice president of sales and marketing said, " offers phenomenal distribution opportunities. The combination of three key elements will make DocScript an enormous success. DocPlanet's current customer base is an established sales platform, the industry's drive for fewer errors in the scriptwriting process is creating excitement in the medical community, and the highly intuitive application will clearly help the physician migrate from the 'pad' to the palm-PC." is a progressive e-health company that offers healthcare providers Internet-based solutions for pharmacy procurement and prescription management.

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