eDispatch.com and Telcordia Technologies Combine to Offer Wireless Dispatch Service Bureau

    Telcordia Technologies, Inc. (formerly Bellcore) and eDispatch.com Wireless Data Inc. today announced that eDispatch.com (CDNX:EWD) will deploy the AirBossTM Wireless Systems Gateway to support mobile dispatch solution targeted at field service workers.

    The Telcordia AirBoss Wireless Systems Gateway allows eDispatch.com solutions to be offered through public wireless carriers that support the ARDIS and Mobitex networks. eDispatch.com solutions will now also support a broader range of portable devices, such as Palm, Windows CE computers and two-way pagers. A unique aspect of the system is that it can be branded and offered on a subscription basis from wireless communications providers. This approach reduces the need for companies to heavily invest in capital and the technical resources necessary to install and operate their own workforce management system.

    The first two devices supported by the new Telcordia platform are the RIM Inter@ctiveTM and RIM Inter@ctiveTM 950 pagers from Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ:RIMM, TSE:RIM.). Using a two-way pager equipped with the Telcordia AirBoss Microbrowser, technicians receive job details and customer service requests any time of the day, in real-time. Further, its full QWERTY keyboard allows mobile workers to originate messages and access Internet/Intranet sites easily.

    "The Telcordia AirBoss Wireless Systems Gateway provides us with the flexibility we needed to extend our offering to additional public wireless networks and portable devices, taking a good idea and making it better. For example, the two-way pager solution is the ideal tool for communicating with our dispatch application and sending email," said Brian Ellis, CEO of eDispatch.com.

    "Moreover, the proven Telcordia AirBoss technology is developed to carrier-grade standards. This allowed us to easily implement a solution with all the confidence we require for mission-critical corporate applications. It gives us the opportunity to develop business relationships with many more carriers whose primary subscriber base is dispatch-related," Ellis added.

    "This total package, comprised of the Telcordia AirBoss Wireless Systems Gateway and Microbrowser, eDispatch.com's application software and the two-way pager, represents a highly reliable and cost-effective dispatch solution for mobile workers", said Dave Pepe, Executive Director, Telcordia AirBoss Wireless Systems. "This effort underscores our commitment to provide reliable, secure, scaleable, high performance wireless technology, independent of network or mobile computer technology", he added. The agreement is estimated to be valued between $3M and $6M.

    About AirBoss Wireless Systems

    Designed to operate across a wide range of networks and platforms, Telcordia AirBoss Wireless Systems extend companies' local area networks into the mobile environment, giving employees ready access to mission-critical corporate data and applications. AirBoss Wireless Systems employ a "carrier-grade" platform built to the industry's highest standards of reliability. For additional information on AirBoss Wireless Systems, please visit www.telcordia.com/airboss.

    About Telcordia Technologies

    Telcordia Technologies, an SAIC company, is one of the world's largest providers of operations support systems, network software and consulting and engineering services to the telecommunications industry. Telcordia employs more than 6,000 professionals, and has revenues of more than $1.2 billion. Telcordia (www.telcordia.com) is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, with offices throughout the United States, Europe, Central and South America and Asia Pacific.

    About eDispatch Wireless Data Inc.

    eDispatch.com (CDNX:EWD) develops, markets, and licenses Internet-based application software to wireless communications providers worldwide, delivering business benefits such as increased customer service, reduced operations costs, and improved mobile workforce management to organizations in a highly cost-effective manner. eDispatch.com also provides related services, such as application hosting, support, and maintenance.

    The company's first application software product is a dispatching solution that brings together computer automation, wireless data, and the Internet. The system consists of an Internet-based software application, wireless data airtime, and two-way mobile devices to allow mobile workers to liaise with corporate information systems on a real-time basis. To learn more about eDispatch.com, visit www.edispatch.com.

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