Electronic Photos in the Palm of Your Hand a Reality With PhotoPoint.com

    PhotoPoint.com(R), the world's largest FREE photo-sharing Web site, today announced it has formed a strategic alliance with AvantGo(TM) Inc., the authority in managing mobile information(TM), to provide a special online photo-sharing capability for mobile and handheld computer users -- in a completely wireless format.

    Initially, the alliance will focus on efforts to support the content development for 3Com's(R) Palm Computing(R) series, which just added the much-anticipated Palm IIIc(TM) to its product family. AvantGo wirelessly extends Internet, intranet and extranet applications to handheld computers based on the Palm Computing and Microsoft Powered Pocket PC platforms, and Internet-enabled phones.

    Using AvantGo.com(TM), the company's free Internet service, PDA users can access interactive and personalized content from leading media providers on more than 350 optimized channels. The service is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people.

    Effective immediately, PhotoPoint offers a "Photo of the Day" channel that is available from both AvantGo.com and PhotoPoint.com. AvantGo.com users can now easily add the PhotoPoint channel to their PDAs and enjoy a fresh photo everyday, with no cost or subscription fees. PhotoPoint is also planning other value-added enhanced features, including a portable photo album that will allow users to keep and share their favorite photos on their PDAs.

    "We are very excited to be teaming with PhotoPoint to deliver digital photography to users of handheld devices based on the Palm Computing and Microsoft Pocket PC platforms," stated David Rice, director of content development for AvantGo. "By accessing PhotoPoint via the award-winning AvantGo.com Internet service, mobile users will be able to share photography with business colleagues, friends and family any time, anywhere."

    Online photo-sharing is a burgeoning segment of the digital photography industry, and PhotoPoint has become the world's largest free photo-sharing community, with more than 6 million photos stored and shared.

    "There's no question that sharing photos over the Web is rapidly emerging as a hot growth area within the digital photography world," said Lia Schubert, Internet imaging analyst at InfoTrends Research Group Inc., a market research firm tracking the trends and companies shaping the digital imaging industry.

    "The partnership between PhotoPoint.com and AvantGo underscores the fact that the desire and ability to share photos electronically is now transcending desktop computers, enabling us to do so virtually anywhere on-the-go."

    PhotoPoint's Senior Director of Business Development, Andrew Osmak, who spearheaded the company's alliance with AvantGo, added, "Content will always be king. As content providers, we have a duty to consistently develop useful, meaningful applications people can easily incorporate into their handheld computing devices to make life more productive.

    "In the case of PhotoPoint and AvantGo, it will also serve to make for a more complete experience, and we're proud to provide that value-added benefit."

    PhotoPoint.com earned national attention recently, after announcing it will award $1 million to the person who submits the world's best photo to its "Million Dollar Moment" photo contest. The award will take place live on network television May 11.

    PhotoPoint.com is consistently ranked by Media Metrix as a Top 500 Digital Media Site, and has achieved more unique visitors in a given month than such venerable names as Kodak, Kmart, 1-800-Flowers.com and Schwab.com. Since its contest announcement on Feb. 7, thousands of people per day have become members of PhotoPoint.com.

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