ePhones.com Launches National Partner Program; Program Allows Retailers To Create & Co-Brand Wireless e-Commerce Sites

    ePhones.com (www.ePhones.com) announced the launch of the ePhones Partner Program, allowing participating retailers to offer wireless products and services online quickly and economically.

    This program offers partners a fully functioning wireless e-Commerce site with no web development or equipment costs, and it even integrates with existing sites.

    The new program enables independent dealers and retailers nationwide access to ePhones.com's professional web development, carrier contracts, site infrastructure, and expanded product lines. Participants will have complete access to ePhones.com's multi-million dollar web site and thousands of rate plans without creating conflicts with existing carrier agreements or their existing retail stores. The program gives retail partners access to ePhones.com's nationwide Carrier Rate Plan database, Customer Product Reviews, and detailed product information. They can also sell new services like DSL and long distance with recurring revenues.

    "Most independent dealers can't afford the time and expense of building a world-class e-Commerce site," said Michael F. Merrill, ePhones Chairman and CEO. "We're offering them a way to get online quickly and easily, with none of the costs associated with a sophisticated web development operation."

    The ePhones Partner Program gives retailers a flexible web site with a wide range of customization tools that lets them personalize their site and adapt it to meet their own business needs. It allows them to select which carriers, products and services they want to offer online, lock out of specific geographic areas where they do not wish to sell online, add their own promotions and customize carrier airtime promotions. Retailers can also customize the "About Us" and "Contact Us" pages, upload their own logo and company image, and view online sales and activity reports.

    In addition to providing the site development and infrastructure, ePhones also handles all the back-end work, including: Cybercash processing, credit and activation, fulfillment, and customer support. In return for providing these services, ePhones gets a revenue share from each dealer transaction. This program allows retailers to increase their profitability by expanding their geographic reach and adding new product lines, with no software development costs, no inventory carrying costs and no sales commissions.

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