Ericsson presents its first communicator platform

At CeBIT in Hannover, Ericsson presented its communicator platform, for the first time combining the communication industry's hottest technologies and features in one device. This unique combination of mobile Internet browsing, messaging, imaging, location based applications and services, mobile telephony and personal information management has never before been shown. This is the first step in the creation of a new generation of integrated mobile information devices, which consumers will be able to use to fully explore mobile Internet and multimedia communication including voice, data, and images.

The communicator device shown at CeBIT is a fully working prototype, which represents the platform on which Ericsson intends to build future commercial products, which will address the new world of mobile Internet, and ultimately the needs in 3G cellular networks. The primary purpose of The Ericsson Communicator platform is to offer integrated communication and information services all in one single device, handling with the variety of communication and information demands that busy people are exposed to these days.

The communicator platform is prepared for the latest in GSM technologies, such as HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Services). Triple band GSM (900/1800/1900) makes this device a truly global mobile. It supports Internet access both via WAP and HTML. With the built-in Bluetooth-chip it can connect wirelessly with other devices.

Symbian's open platform (EPOC) makes it possible to personalize the device with third party applications. With the built-in GPS receiver, the device is ideal for applications providing positioning information. The user interface is based upon the VGA format which Ericsson firmly believes to be an ideal size for a mobile communications devices and applications. The device has a color touch screen, which allows for easy navigation, pen- input and handwriting recognition.

The prototype shown at CeBIT is based on regular GSM, but Ericsson sees this form of device evolving into packet data operation and GPRS; a coming GSM standard which will further enhance the value of this type of device through its higher bandwidth and "instant on and always connected" type of operation.

"We are proud to present Ericsson's first product platform in the 'communicator' product category," says Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Ericsson Mobile Communications. "The

reason for why we show our platform today is mainly to stimulate the development of new solutions and applications that take advantage of the technologies which will be used in communications devices in the near future."

The application software integrates and combines telephony, messaging,

Internet/intranet access, address book, diary and other essential mobile features. The main applications can be synchronized with a PC and major office applications.

Key features in Ericsson's communicator platform:

* WAP browser 
* HTML browser 
* Location based services 
* Ericsson Mobile News 
* E-mail, SMS, Fax 
* Sound player 
* Word viewer 
* Agenda 
* Contacts 
* To-Do List 
* Note taker (Jotter) 
* Dictaphone 
* Speaker function and voice control 
* GSM phase 2 
* GPS receiver 
* Bluetooth 
* IrDa 
* Ericsson Mobile Internet

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