Ericsson shows a world first in WAP applications for the enterprise At CeBIT 2000

Ericsson demonstrates a world first in WAP applications for the enterprise with a solution that enables employees to access Corporate Directory Information and their Personal Number Profiles over their WAP phones, from anywhere. Allowing users access to the Corporate Directory Information for corporate contact details and Personal Number Profiles to modify where and when they can be reached while on the move, reduces costs and saves time. Simply, it makes a business more efficient.

The Corporate Directory Information is available through Ericsson's Dynamic Network Administration (D.N.A.) application suite; an NT based network management and directory solution for enterprises. Information is accessed via a WAP server that enables functions and services provided by the D.N.A. available to end users via a Web interface - such as WAP mobile phones. This WAP solution can be applied to anyone with a WAP telephone or mobile companion, for example Ericsson's R320, R380 and MC218.

Employees can use WAP terminals to view the corporate directory and, in the future, place calls simply by clicking 'yes' on the name on the mobile screen. This direct access to information at anytime and from anyplace enhances communication efficiency. The solution extends the support, which is of paramount importance, for an enterprise's mobile workforce.

Personal Number Profiles, part of the Ericsson MD110 PBX solution that turns a traditional PBX into a communication server, permits individuals to control when and on what telephone number they receive calls or messages. This means users can select a personal profile, for example, one defined to enable business calls to be diverted to the home telephone or any other terminal. Having this flexibility ensures users receive urgent messages no matter where they are or divert important calls to the 'right' colleague if they are in a meeting off-site. This simple example shows how time is saved on routine communication tasks and couple this with the users being mobile, it means they are more productive.

The WAP solution for enterprises will ultimately allow access to Business Support Systems via a WAP phone, creating value added services not only for the individual in the company but for the collective business.

Ericsson Enterprise Solutions is fully committed in giving the possibility of working anywhere, at anytime, to the greatest number of people in a broad range of industries. The WAP solution for enterprises is demonstrated on Ericsson's stand B31, Hall 17, at CeBIT 2000, February 24-March 1, in Hanover, Germany.

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