Ericsson welcomes approval of HiperLAN2, the next generation Wireless LAN standard

Ericsson strongly supports the approval of the HiperLAN2 standard, announced this week by ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. HiperLAN2 is an interoperable standard that will provide high- speed connectivity for the next generation wireless communications in corporate as well as public and home environments at 5 GHz.

"A crucial step towards delivery of Wireless LAN products according to the HiperLAN2 standard was reached with this announcement from ETSI. As a result, the market can expect to see these products at the end of 2001," said Lars E. Svensson, Vice President and General Manager, Ericsson Enterprise Systems.

Ericsson has developed a Wireless VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution, including authentication and encryption, and has integrated this in the Wireless LAN (WLAN) offer. With this solution, users will be able to establish a secure access to their corporate networks from within the office, but also when travelling through so called 'hot spots', such as airports and hotels. The Wireless VPN solution will be enhanced over time and the Ericsson HiperLAN2 solution will have many of these features integrated from the beginning. With the addition of HiperLAN2, Ericsson is able to provide a complete range of wireless enterprise infrastructure solutions for the future - Bluetooth, HiperLAN2 & W-CDMA - optimized for cost, high-speed, or geographic coverage.

The HiperLAN2 standard HiperLAN2 is a high-speed standard for broadband Wireless LAN that consists of 3 profiles for the corporate, public and the home environments. It is, quite simply, a Wireless LAN solution that makes it possible not only to access a company's Intranet, but run real-time applications, all without sacrificing speed, service quality or security. It works with a practically seamless connectivity both in and out of the office. In turn, these enhanced characteristics enable a truly flexible and mobile work environment, allowing network access while moving from room to room, building to building or from the office to other environments where business professionals gather. The HiperLAN2 technology, operating in the 5 GHz band, can offer up to 54 Mbps over the air interface. Dedicated spectrum will be allocated worldwide on the 5 GHz frequency band for Wireless LAN traffic. The 5 GHz band distinguishes from the present 2,4 GHz band in that there is no potential interference from non Wireless LAN appliances using the same frequencies. The allocated spectrum in Europe, U.S. and Japan are overlapping, which means the same equipment can be used in different parts of the world. HiperLAN2 Global forum

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