FotoWire Nets Agfa Digital Camera Bundle for its OEM e-Photofinishing Software

Agfa/Nokia Seek to Create Wireless e-photofinishing with FotoWire Network

    FotoWire Inc. today announced that Agfa-Gevaert AG will bundle the FotoWire(R) client software, branded as AGFAnet(tm), with Agfa's entire line of new digital cameras. At the same time, Agfa will offer a wireless print service in conjunction with Nokia that also uses FotoWire's network of e-photofinishers. AGFAnet consists of e-photofinishers that use Agfa systems and papers exclusively, and is also a sub-set of the global FotoWire network.

    According to FotoWire, Agfa will first bundle the FotoWire software with its CL-18 entry-level digital camera, along with two flatbed scanners. Other bundles will be announced as the next generations of digital cameras and scanners come to market.

    New wireless access to AGFAnet will be possible using Nokia's 9811 Communicator series and most digital cameras that feature an infrared interface, Agfa announced separately. Images will be pulled from the digital cameras by the Nokia Communicator which will then both display the image and prepare a print order to be sent to a Agfa server-dispatcher, then onto FotoWire's infrastructure network for e-photofinishers, and finally onto an AGFAnet-member photo lab of the user's choice. The finished prints on high-quality AGFA photographic paper are delivered by mail order within days.

    "All AGFAnet members are by default members of the global FotoWire e-photofinishing lab network," said Patrick Serex, CEO of FotoWire Inc. of Menlo Park, Calif. "But as AGFAnet members, each one enjoys the marketing muscle Agfa can put behind its co-marketing programs. Each new member of AGFAnet coming online is like another oFoto or Shutterfly. FotoWire and Agfa together are leveling the playing field for digital photofinishing."

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