Businesses Target Their Customers in Real Time Through Mobile Devices With Mobile ASP Solution

Geoworks Corporation (NASDAQ: GWRX), a pioneer in wireless data communications services and technologies, today launched Mobile ASP, Geoworks' mobile communications solution for enterprise clients. Mobile ASP (Application Service Provider) is designed to provide companies with the technology and services necessary to extend their operations, communications and customer service initiatives to the mobile medium and to achieve enhanced, immediate business-to-consumer communications.

"With Mobile ASP, Geoworks is scaling its patented server technology and mobile media expertise to make it easier for a wide variety of companies to meet the needs of their mobile customers," said Dave Grannan, CEO and President of Geoworks. "Our Mobile ASP solution also enables any company to quickly, easily and cost-effectively reap the benefits of a mobile communications solution from an established expert in wireless technology."

Geoworks will offer Mobile ASP to a wide variety of businesses, from financial and credit institutions to airlines and rental car agencies. With Mobile ASP, these companies will be able to leverage the time-sensitive and personal nature of the mobile medium to provide relevant communications and services to their customers. By extending customer service and other enterprise applications to the mobile medium, Geoworks' Mobile ASP clients will increase revenue, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty.

"You must keep your eye on wireless ASPs. There will be a significant market for companies that are able to host wireless applications," says Alan A. Reiter, president of the consulting firm of Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing. "An increasing number of companies -- ranging from startups to large corporations -- have applications they want to wireless-enable -- but don't know how -- and would like to employ for their own corporate use or to sell to other users."

Because each Mobile ASP client will require a range of technologies and services to best meet the needs of their mobile customers, Geoworks Mobile ASP is comprised of several different components, including application development, Premion Server+, systems integration, wireless network integration, 24x7 customer care and application hosting. Mobile ASP clients select the elements of this offering that suit their individual needs for a mobile customer service solution.

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