Hexagon Launches Bluetooth Company - Expanding Within Wireless Communication

    Hexagon's subsidiary Moteco has formed a new business area which develops and markets antennae as well as application skills and verification for wireless applications, principally for Bluetooth. Operations are to be conducted in a subsidiary of Moteco.

    Moteco is one of the world's leading suppliers of terminal antennae for mobile telephones, with operations in China, Sweden and the United States. Turnover in 1999 amounted to MSEK 215. The global market for terminal antennae is growing at roughly 50 per cent per year and Moteco's objective is to grow at the same rate as the market. Parallel with these operations, Moteco has developed antennae for Bluetooth. In order to concentrate these operations, Moteco is to form a new subsidiary which develops and markets antennae, as well as application skills and verification for Bluetooth.

    The new company will be recruiting an additional 15 qualified staff members in Lund.

    The company has developed several different standard antennae for use in Bluetooth applications. In addition to these, the company develops and manufactures application-adapted antennae for a large number of purposes. The potential is enormous and there is a huge number of fields of application. The company is located at Ideon Science Park in Lund. The antennae will be manufactured at Moteco's factories in China and Sweden.

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