HP Builds On Mobile E-services With WAP-enabled Commerce Platform

    Hewlett-Packard Company today built on mobile e-services with its scalable, secure platform to support wireless and conventional Internet commerce. In addition, HP confirmed the platform's adoption by a variety of customers.

    The mobile e-services commerce platform will enable customers to conduct transactions, from anywhere, at anytime, using any type of communications device. With the increased popularity of Internet-enabled mobile phones and handheld devices, HP expects PC-centric e-commerce business models to dramatically expand to include mobile devices.

    "The full benefits of e-commerce will be reaped only by those companies who integrate mobile devices into their transactions," said Duane Zitzner, president of HP's Computing Systems. "Companies not only need to support mobile clients, they also need to prepare their infrastructures for the exponential growth of Internet transactions as mobile devices proliferate."
E-commerce in a Mobile E-services World

    HP has created a flexible, open platform with the security, performance, availability and manageability necessary for mobile e-commerce. By using this platform as a foundation, e-service providers, enterprises, dot coms, solution providers and others can quickly deploy mobile e-services to take advantage of the wireless revolution. Internet software vendors can integrate their applications with this platform to leverage its security and high-availability features.

    The first version of HP's mobile e-services commerce platform is built on HP 9000 Enterprise Servers and HP NetServer systems, running HP-UX(1) and Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R), respectively. The platform supports conventional Internet and wireless transactions via Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) servers from Nokia or the Wireless Internet Platform of TANTAU (WAP 1.1 compliant). HP's services and support provide proactive assessment, management and design services to ensure high availability and security, as well as direct connection to HP support engineers and six-hour call-to-repair on hardware for reliable reactive support.

    The platform integrates HP's e-speak technology, which allows developers to dramatically reduce the time required to create, deploy and manage e-services. A secure Web console allows remote console management from a Web browser.
Transacting Commerce via Mobile E-services -- A Reality Today

    Adopters of HP's commerce platform for mobile e-services, running on the Nokia WAP server, include banking giant KBC Bank and e-commerce solution provider Smith-Gardner. In addition, LetsBuyIt.com is incorporating the HP platform into its e-commerce infrastructure to enable European consumers to co-buy products and check deal status via mobile devices.

    "Online retail has grown from a curiosity to a hyper-competitive marketplace," said Jan-Erik Gustavsson, chief technology officer at LetsBuyIt.com. "Wireless access via WAP will soon become standard operating procedure for dot coms, so being first to market is important. By working with an innovator like HP, we were able to deploy our system quickly and benefit from HP's e-services expertise and flexible financing. HP's platform offers the uptime, performance and features that we need to retain customers."

    In another innovative deployment, EDB Novit, a Norwegian banking application service provider (ASP), is leveraging the mobile e-services commerce platform on TANTAU's Wireless Internet Platform to provide customers at dozens of banks with a complete set of mobile services, including account transfers, balance inquiries and bill payment.

    "Mobile e-banking is changing financial services forever," said John Arne Haugerud, chief executive officer at EDB Novit. "We're using HP's secure commerce platform to let people bank when and where it's most convenient. I expect mobile banking and payment to eliminate the need to carry cash, write checks to pay bills, or even go to a bank or ATM."
Pricing and Availability

    The commerce platform for mobile e-services is available immediately. Pricing and configuration options vary based on the hardware and software.
About Mobile E-services

    Mobile e-services are value-added, Internet-based services, such as customer services, for completing complex tasks and financial transactions and accessing personalized information - deployed over mobile telephony networks.
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