IBM and Symbian join forces to enable the wireless enterprise market

wCommerce combines with eBusiness for Ericsson, Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Psion and other Symbian licensees.

IBM and Symbian today announced a joint development agreement to create wireless enterprise applications for users of Symbian based Smartphones and Communicators. The new applications will give mobile workers real-time access to web and corporate data, and for the first time allow them to continue to work with this information off-line, without the need for a continuous network connection.

Todayís current 'browser phones' require users to stay online to access their data, send and receive email, buy and sell stock. The combination of IBM enterprise software and Symbian's open technology, however, will give mobile users with the ability to work either on or offline. Users of wireless devices from Symbian licensees, including Ericsson, Nokia, Matsushita, Motorola, Philips and Psion, will have continuous access to their data and corporate applications.

"In the next few years, mobile phones are expected to be one of the primary devices used to access the network," said Mark Bregman, general manager of IBMís pervasive computing division. "With our experience in working with the world's largest enterprises, we will partner with the development community to create wireless applications that blend IBM enterprise software with Symbianís technology. Together we'll enable business users of Symbian devices to be as productive off-line as when they are connected to the network."

"As businesses begin to extend their applications beyond the PC they're looking for low-risk, safe methods to get information and content to their mobile employees and customers. Addressing this market IBM and Symbian are bringing together tried, tested and robust technology - we're bringing together Symbian wCommerce with IBM eBusiness for the mobile user," commented Juha Christensen, Executive Vice President, Symbian. "Our partnership with IBM works with existing open standards to promote content and services for the wireless data market, enabling mobile users to access information where ever they are."

By adding embedded extensions of IBMís messaging and database middleware on top of the Symbian platform, the two companies will be able to offer application developers and Symbian licensees a more robust development environment for wireless applications that go beyond traditional browsing.

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