ICL Presents New Wireless, Handheld Solution for Retailers; Fujitsu TeamPad 7500 Offers Retailers Thin-Client Architecture for Browser-Based and Windows Applications

    ICL, a $4.5 billion global IT services company, announced today that retailers -- for the first time ever -- have a thin-client, handheld device using Windows CE for powerful, in-store connectivity.

    The Fujitsu TeamPad(TM) 7500, available immediately, reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) while making it easier to perform inventory management, price verification, queue busting and other in-store tasks.

    "The TeamPad 7500 gives retailers the freedom to perform mission-critical tasks from anywhere within their stores," said Ron Omohundro, senior vice president and general manager for handheld systems at ICL. "This new thin-client approach gives retailers the power and portability they need in the aisle or on the dock. Plus, the data is never in jeopardy of being lost or stolen because it resides on the server rather than the handheld unit. This allows for enhanced security and centralized administration, both of which reduce costs."

    The TeamPad 7500, using Windows CE version 2.1, supports browser-based applications for familiar, user-friendly interactivity, thus reducing training costs. This lightweight and rugged handheld device also includes a large, color touch-screen user interface and radio frequency (RF) support.

    "It is ideal for retail-specific tasks, including inventory management, documentation and control management, price verification, queue busting, warehouse shipping and receiving, portable point of sale and customer information kiosks," said Omohundro.

    This product is part of the TeamPad family of Fujitsu handheld systems offered by ICL, including the 7100, 7200 and 7600 versions of the TeamPad. These innovative solutions are designed for a variety of industries and applications.

    Average selling price for the TeamPad 7500 is $1,665.

    ICL's Handheld Systems Group is Fujitsu's North American partner in the development, marketing and distribution of handheld systems. The group offers handheld computer solutions that help customers gain measurable advantages in the marketplace. The group offers durable, lightweight, power-efficient and mobile solutions that seamlessly integrate into operations in the retail, route accounting, transportation, health care, inventory management, order entry and warehousing market sectors. Based in La Jolla, Calif., ICL's Handheld Systems group sells direct and via value-added resellers.

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