Ilium Software Releases Free Pocket Wallet for Palm-Size PCs

    Ilium Software(TM) today announced the release of their newest product, Pocket Wallet(TM) 1.0 for Palm-size PCs running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) CE.

    Pocket Wallet is a free viewer for reading eWallet files on a Palm-size PC. Following on the heels of the company's successful eWallet 2.0 release, Pocket Wallet allows users to retrieve all their important personal information in a highly secure electronic wallet. Pocket Wallet allows desktop and laptop users to see (but not change) their important personal information on their Palm-size PC. Like eWallet, the application that Pen Computing Magazine called "The killer handheld application," Pocket Wallet takes advantage of the vivid colors on the Palm-size PC to provide an attractive, customizable and highly secure repository for users' personal information.

    eWallet, the first commercial electronic wallet program for Windows CE, set the standard for portable electronic wallets and has won many industry awards since its first release, including a First Class Award from Mobile Computing and Communications Magazine, and PC Computing Magazine's 5-star designation. The new 2.0 version takes another leap forward in privacy and usability by increasing the built-in security to 56-bit key RC4 and by its use of custom graphics and sounds to better represent personal information. Additional logos and other graphics are available for download on Ilium Software's website. Pocket Wallet for the Palm-size PC is fully compatible with the Desktop version of eWallet 2.0 to allow users to view their wallets where and when it is most convenient for them and ActiveSync is used to keep the wallets synchronized.

    There is no charge for Pocket Wallet on the Palm-size PC. eWallet for the desktop (Windows 95/98/2000 and NT) is available for $29.95 from Ilium Software and selected retailers and distributors worldwide. Registered desktop eWallet users can upgrade from Pocket Wallet to eWallet on the Palm-size for $10.00. The company has also made their Enhanced Encryption Module, which uses 128-bit key RC4 technology, available to North American customers at no cost for a limited time. More information can be found on Ilium Software's website,

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