Limited release, iM:Work 1.0, pilots the convergence of wireless and the web for mobile field service

iMedeon, Inc., the premier provider of 100% web-based work planning and execution solutions, continues to pioneer the mobile field service market with iM:Work, a new web-based application suite that shares benefits of both wireless and web technologies with existing front-and-back-office systems.

iM:Work 1.0 reduces costs and increases productivity with resource optimization delivered by wireless and web-based connectivity. This innovative architecture enables customers to benefit from cutting edge technological advances, such as field appliances, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and industry-leading optimization. iM:Work 1.0 delivers these advantages to firms with mobile workforces. Mobile work execution over the Web is radically more effective. Tight integration with back and front office systems provide a unified view of work-to-be-done, by internal or external field service resources.

This product is the cornerstone of changes to come in mobile field service for all industries, especially the utility, telecom, and high tech markets. The initial limited release is for pilot customers wanting the benefits of web-based systems.

"This step keeps iMedeon ahead of competition, confirms our ability to execute, delivers Internet advantages to our customers, and keeps us on course for an IPO," says Joe Mediate, President of iMedeon, Inc. "More importantly, it meets the customer need to maximize field service utilization and to leverage their existing information technology investments."

iM:Work 1.0 is a web-based work planning and mobile work execution solution which optimizes and dispatches many different mobile field forces in an organization; enhances the management of field-based assets and depot-based parts; enables real-time status for customer service; and improves the bottom line by leveraging technology investments, resources, and equipment. It puts powerful, easy-to-use systems in the hands of the people who do the work. By providing an integrated and optimized view of all resources, iM:Work revolutionizes field work execution with an information-rich environment.

Using advanced wireless, GPS (Global Positioning Systems), and Internet technologies, iM:Work 1.0 delivers the information that businesses need to manage daily tasks, to measure performance, and to improve efficiency of the mobile workforce. It includes work administration, messaging, order tracking, order execution, resource management functionality, and advanced reporting.

iM:Work integrates many different front and back office systems through a single point of dispatch for field service personnel. It extends the capabilities of existing systems by enabling cohesive operations and better resource management. Customer service personnel, through systems such as Customer Information Systems (CIS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM), share the data and status of tasks affecting customers. Data gathered from the many different existing systems, lets iM:Work 1.0 optimize and electronically connect field crews with the best skills, equipment, spare parts, and proximity to the work location.

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