Impulse Software Releases BlueUSB Bluetooth Solution For Microsoft Windows

    BlueUSB marks the fastest path for OEMs to integrate Bluetooth capability in a Windows environment.

    Impulse Software Private Limited today announced BlueUSB, its Bluetooth solution for Microsoft Windows. BlueUSB is an implementation of the software layers of the Bluetooth standard. It operates as a WDM driver that allows for network access and serial port emulation for the applications over the Bluetooth wireless medium. The software driver interacts with the lower Bluetooth stack over the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

    "BlueUSB marks a significant step in the adoption of Bluetooth in the personal computing arena," said Baskar Subramanian, Impulse Software's managing director. "BlueUSB will make the addition of Bluetooth functionality for a developer as easy as integrating any standard PC peripheral. And for end users, BlueUSB means transparent access to the power of Bluetooth using their standard Windows applications and utilities. We have already licensed BlueUSB to several of our customers."

    BlueUSB, which includes the HCI, L2CAP, SDP and RFCOMM layers of the Bluetooth stack, is available for Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms and comes with support for data applications. It is compliant with General Access Profile (GAP), Service Discovery Application and Serial Port Profile (SPP) profiles. BlueUSB will also be compliant with Dialup Networking, Fax, Headset, LAN Access profiles. It has a USB mini-port driver interface with the Microsoft USB class driver and supports a NDIS interface for seamless Bluetooth device access by network applications. BlueUSB also supports COMM port emulation to provide Bluetooth device access to legacy serial port applications and comes with support for ACPI based power management.

    "BlueUSB with its seamless interface to the Microsoft Windows infrastructure makes it extremely easy for our customers to integrate it into their offerings," said S. Srividhya, Impulse Software's Director of Bluetooth Development. "Impulse has released a Bluetooth API for developing Bluetooth native applications over BlueUSB. Cell phone, PDA and PC manufacturers, can design-in Bluetooth connectivity quickly for their products to achieve their time-to-market needs in early 2000."

    BlueUSB is built on top of iBTStack, Impulse's modular and portable Bluetooth stack. BlueUSB functions as a radio peripheral software driver and is accessible through the standard Windows Control Panel application. Impulse also provides consulting, system integration services and training for the development of Bluetooth applications and products over Bluetooth USB driver.

    Pricing for the BlueUSB product starts at $120,000. Impulse is currently shipping BlueUSB as a limited availability product to early customers. Production versions of the product will be available in 2Q 2000

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