Incubator Company Ecomm Group Announces Strategic Wireless Content Initiative and Links with ``Web to Wireless'' Company

    Commerce Group Corp.'s (OTCBB:CGCO) subsidiary Ecomm Group Inc. Thursday announced that it is expanding into wireless services and wireless Web content aggregation starting with a link with

    Ecomm's link with (Amex:DLK) will enable visitors to remotely access real-time information, including financial and sports news. The services also alert users, via pager, to the presence of critical e-mail and allow e-mail retrieval and response via the Internet, facsimile or voice mail.

    Ecomm is a next generation technology incubator company actively engaged in the conception and ongoing nurturing of development stage Internet businesses similar to NetValue (OTCBB:NETV) or IdeaLabs! Ecomm's first incubator project, the Web portal has been tested, marketed, and updated to maximize its market share on the Internet. The Web site has a static link to the highly trafficked Web site.

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