Internet Solutions For Business Introduces WAP, Wireless Application Protocol, Capabilities

    Internet Solutions For Business (OTC BB: ISFB), a leading provider of advanced Internet Solutions, e-commerce, and middleware technology, today announced that it has entered the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) solution and content delivery marketplace. WAP provides a standardized way of linking the Internet to mobile phones, thereby linking two of the fastest growing industries anywhere. The founding members of WAP technology include Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT - news), Nokia (NYSE:NOK - news) and Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERICY - news), some of the largest vendors in the worldwide wireless market

    As one of Europe's leading solution development centers and providers, ISFB has now completed the first two stages of the development of the IS4B - WAP toolkit. The product set, offering fast and timely development capability, allowing fast, simple and secure user interface, addressing the immediate and ongoing development requirements of this exiting technology.

    There will be more than 530 million wireless users by the end of 2000, and latest estimates project there will be over one billion wireless users by 2004. A "substantial portion of the phones sold that year [2004] will have multimedia capabilities." Handset manufacturers, representing 90 percent of the world market have committed to shipping WAP enabled devices. This commitment will provide 10's of millions of WAP enabled products to customers by the end of 2000 (Source: The Strategis Group (

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