InterWAVE Announces New WAVE-IP, Delivering Wireless Corporate IP Networks

GSM Network in a Box Enables Wireless Voice and Data Over Existing IP Networks for Corporations

    interWAVE(R) Communications International, Ltd. (Nasdaq:IWAV), the first to deliver wireless GSM over IP, today announced its compact wireless IP network system, WAVE-IP(TM), a follow-on to interWAVE's GSM Network in a Box(TM). Based on the company's WAVEXpress(TM) product family, WAVE-IP offers interoperability between GSM networks and IP Internet networks. The WAVE-IP network is a seamless IP extension of the public GSM network, providing wireless IP networking and leveraging existing corporate IP infrastructures.

    WAVE-IP utilizes interWAVE's revolutionary GSM Network in a Box, the first product to integrate a GSM switch, base station controller (BSC) and base transceiver station (BTS) in one small compact system that supports full GSM network capabilities. WAVE-IP will be demonstrated live in the Alcatel exhibit in Booth No. F13, the Nortel Networks(TM) exhibit in Booth No. F26 and the interWAVE Hospitality Suite No. 05.03 at the GSM World Congress in Cannes, February 2-4.

    "WAVE-IP enables GSM network operators to support wireless voice and data over IP, interoperating with existing corporate IP networks," said Dr. Priscilla Lu, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of interWAVE. "interWAVE's WAVE-IP supporting GSM over IP provides convergence between voice and data, wireless and wireline, offering interoperability between IP Internet and PBX networks. WAVE-IP's simple but powerful architecture offers scalability, ease of expansion to support extended gateway functionality and next-generation 3G upgrades."

    Dr. Lu continued, "interWAVE's WAVEXpress product line was built with an IP core from the start, supporting broadband data networking, with intelligent routing for the packet traffic and intelligent switching for circuit traffic. WAVE-IP, a new software release in the existing WAVEXpress product line, gives operators the platform to deliver wireless Internet content to the corporations. With the explosive demand for wireless Internet, WAVE-IP will enhance wireless data access to broadband networks and offer wireless voice over IP in corporate IP infrastructures."

    Wireless Internet with WAVE-IP

    WAVE-IP provides seamless integration of GSM wireless networks with IP networks. Interoperating between circuit and IP networks, wireless and wireline, WAVE-IP can operate as an IP server over intranets or the Internet, and as a peer network to the PBX networks.

    WAVE-IP offers corporate users full call processing capabilities, with abbreviated dialing compatible to its peer PBXs, global roaming, subscriber management, intelligent call routing to any public mobile or wireline networks, performance statistics gathering, call-by-call tracking, user authentication, and network security, thus providing PBX functionality for IP networks.

    Wireless Internet access through WAVE-IP gives corporate users flexibility to access any information, any time, anywhere on the corporate campus over wireless IP networks, between any corporate campuses, or to any Internet over any ISP. It offers inter-campus roaming, where corporate users can be reached any time, anywhere. This wireless 'virtual port' for corporate users paves the way for wireless portals.

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