Intraco Systems and Emergin Join Forces to Deliver Voice Powered Wireless Messaging

    Intraco Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:INSY), and Emergin Inc. today announced a new Voice ASP service to deliver Voice Powered Wireless Messaging(tm).

    This revolutionary new messaging service couples Intraco's speech recognition front-end with Emergin's WirelessOffice(tm) back-end message delivery technology that delivers messages to a wide range of mobile wireless devices and duplicates the message in an e-mail.

    Wireless Messaging is a technology that has expanded traditional text paging to new content, new access, and new devices such as cellular phones, smart phones, PDAs, Palm Pilots, etc. The worldwide market for Wireless Messaging is estimated to be more than 445 million subscribers by 2003 (CTIA and IDC). The use of speech recognition to create the text messages will support this growth and help lower the cost of each message for service providers as no live agents will be required to type the message and send it.

    This technology is very flexible and can be deployed in many different types of environments ranging from simple messaging for business service industries to the more complex needs of the computer and medical industries. It can be deployed in a scalable, centralized ASP (Application Service Provider) model for paging company service providers or for end users as an enterprise messaging system to automate and simplify internal messaging and paging activities.

    "We're very pleased to be working with Emergin," stated Walt Nawrocki, CEO of Intraco Systems, Inc. "By combining the strengths and proven track records of both companies, we have a real winning messaging solution to offer both service providers and businesses."

    "By joining technologies, Intraco and Emergin are delivering a unique, scalable solution to the rapidly growing ASP space," said Michael McNeal, President and CEO of Emergin, Inc. "Voice Powered Wireless Messaging(tm) is an excellent option for service providers looking to capitalize on advanced wireless messaging services for their customers."

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