Logica Enhances its World-Leading Short Message Solution to Enable WAP, GPRS and Prepaid SMS

    Logica today announced that it is currently testing Release 2700 of the Telepath SMSC, its world-leading Short Message Service Centre, with availability in 2Q 2000.

    This achievement follows Logica's recent announcement(1) of support for GPRS packet-switched and traditional circuit-switched mobile networks, which will also be available in 2Q 2000.

    Release 2700 is the latest version of Telepath SMSC, and provides many compelling features, such as WAP, which enables both push-and pull-type mobile Internet applications, support for SMS in both GPRS and circuit-switched networks, and support for subscribers using SMS in a prepaid environment. Telepath SMSC also offers record-breaking performance of more than 1,000 messages per second and enhanced GSM support, paving the way for 3G networks.

    "Telepath SMSC Release 2700 addresses our customers' requirements to use SMS as the preferred bearer for mobile Internet and WAP services," said Larry Quinn, CEO of Logica's Mobile Networks Division. "Logica is the world leader in both SMS and Prepaid, and our customers benefit by receiving support for the powerful combination of these two services, Prepaid SMS and Release 2700. All of these services combined, together with our support for GPRS, ensures that our GSM customers are guaranteed a solid stepping stone to 3G," added Quinn.

    Logica introduced the industry's first Short Message Service Centre in 1992, and has continued to protect their customers' investments in short message technology by meeting their customers' growing needs. This is accomplished with leading-edge features, top-class performance and levels of availability through the use of highly-scalable technology.

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