MapInfo Extends Reach into Wireless Internet Market

Delivers Dynamic Content to Handheld Devices

    MapInfo Corporation (Nasdaq:MAPS) today announced at the CTIA 2000 Wireless Show (Booth #1974) that it has extended its offerings to the Wireless Internet Market in Europe and the United States. The Company is now delivering business-to-business-to-consumer applications for handheld devices. In Europe, MapInfo has integrated its Java technology with the new WAP standard for applications used by Nokia and Telia. In the United States, MapInfo is delivering mobile wireless solutions for its customers developed on Palm and WinCE platforms. Using MapInfo's enterprise solutions, wireless providers can enable field staff to access the latest information on assets and customers housed in centralized databases, make decisions on site to improve performance and service delivery, and update corporate databases in real time.

    The Company is also enabling "clicks and mortars" to deliver information directly to a consumer's mobile device through the development of Web-based applications. In addition, MapInfo is licensing its technology to enable e-businesses to reach current and prospective Web consumers and to enhance customer relationship systems. In December, MapInfo announced an investment in, which uses MapInfo technology to help consumers find goods, services and events located near them.

    John Cavalier, MapInfo's president and CEO, said, "As the Web moves toward Wireless, MapInfo can deliver dynamic content right into the hand of the technician in the field and the consumer on the move. This is what dynamic mobile content is all about, giving businesses and consumers what they need and when and where they need it.

    "In Europe, wireless phones are now replacing traditional line-based phones. Europeans, instead of surfing the Web with a PC, which remains expensive, are going to their mobile phones. A new Address Finder service developed by our Finnish distributor, Karttakeskus Oy, with Nokia and Telia, enables people on the move to make location-based queries from their mobile phones."

    George Moon, MapInfo's Chief Technology Officer, added, "As we expand our reach into the Wireless Internet Market worldwide, MapInfo stands ready to deliver the latest in Web-based application services in any native format and make them accessible from literally any device."

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