Micronetics Demonstrates Bluetooth-ready Built-in-Tester At Wireless Symposium 2000

    Micronetics Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq/NOIZ) demonstrated use of its MicroCal(TM) built-in-test noise source in a Bluetooth(TM) application today, here at the Wireless Symposium 2000 Show in San Jose, CA.

    The demonstration consists of Ericsson's Bluetooth radio startup kit with a Micronetics MicroCal built-in-test noise source. A broadband signal is injected into a typical Bluetooth application that is engaged in bidirectional data transport. The injected signal is used to test the integrity of the transported data from the Bluetooth link. The MicroCal built-in-test noise source simulates a real life environment that has been corrupted. From an analysis of the corrupted signal it is easy to verify the integrity of the Bluetooth link.

    Ralph Marrone, Vice President of Micronetics/Equipment, stated: " Micronetics' proprietary MicroCal built-in-test modules and noise sources are being used to assess and validate component and system performance in a wireless local loop (WLL) system. They are also designed for use in wireless and land mobile communication systems, cellular phone networks and satellite receivers. They are being used in the front-end receiver of point to multi-point broadband radios to provide a stable calibrated signal. By installing these built-in-test noise sources into the network at appropriate points, designers, developers and manufacturers of these systems have a simple test mechanism to insure that their network is functioning properly and to use as an aid in debugging system problems."

    "The fact that our MicroCal modules and noise sources are getting designed in for built-in test applications is further validation of our strategy to develop our proprietary MicroCal product line. We are optimistic that this Bluetooth application and others will lead to more design wins and increased sales. The Bluetooth test application with the MicroCal built-in-test noise source is being demonstrated here at our Booth at the Wireless Symposium 2000, Booth 1116."

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