MobileID Launches First WAP Applications At Wireless 2000 to Deliver Carrier Independent Internet Links and Searchable National Golf Course Directory

    MobileID, Inc., the worlds first wireless application content provider (WACP) to deliver personalized Internet content and messaging to mobile phones and wireless PDA's, today launches two new services as part of the mobileID personalized mobile channels.

    Cool Links(TM) is the first wireless carrier independent bookmark system for any Internet-ready mobile phone. Most carriers that offer Internet-ready mobile phones offer subscribers a small number of bookmarks or links to sites that the carrier has partnered with. This limits users to only those half dozen or so sites. To access additional WAP sites, the user must first find these sites and then enter the, sometimes very lengthy, site address using the phones numeric keypad. MobileID's free Cool Links service offers a complete updateable directory of virtually every wireless application protocol (WAP) site with one key press mobile phone access. "Users don't want to be limited to just a handful of sites from their Internet-ready mobile phones or type in a long site name using their phones keypad," say David Hayden, President & CEO of mobileID. "They want to be able to access thousands of WAP sites from around the world that our Cool Links service offers," Mr. Hayden adds.

    MobileID today also launches the Wireless National Golf Course Directory for mobile users. From any Internet-ready mobile phone users will be able to pinpoint exactly the golf course that meets the users personalized criteria such as price range and location. This free service is part of the mobileID personalized web channels and was developed in cooperation with Sportsware Technologies. "We believe that our strategic partnership with mobileID, enabling the deliver of our National Golf Course Directory to wireless users, is the first step in offering a complete solution for the golfing community," says Bill Kassul, President and CEO of Sportware Technologies. "We will leverage the mobileID wireless channels to deliver detailed course information including hole-by-hole tips and enabling golfers to reserve tee times on right from the Internet-ready mobile phone, pager or handheld computer," Mr. Kassul adds.

    To optimize the search capabilities of this wireless application, mobileID has teamed up with, a leader in intelligent Internet search technology. "We are pleased to have entered into a joint development agreement with mobileID, to integrate our guided search technology in the wireless platform," says Rubel Ahsan, co-founder and CEO of "Our first jointly developed, `proof-of concept' golf application demonstrates the benefits of delivering both relevant and easy to find content to wireless users."

    Unlike traditional wireless content providers, mobileID offers it subscribers a free personalized service of the channels that they are personally interested in instead of generalized content that looks the same for everyone. In addition to the channels mentioned above, other mobileID channels such as weather are being launched today at Wireless 2000

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