Motorola Bridges the Internet and Wireless Devices Via New 'WAP' Gateway

    Gateway Completes Motorola's Unique End-to-End Wireless Internet Solution; Gives People On-the-Go Internet Access Anytime, Anywhere

    Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a global leader in the wireless communications industry, today announced the availability of its Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateway. The Motorola WAP gateway brings the Internet to wireless devices -- allowing service providers, software developers, system integrators and corporations to offer new and exciting Internet/intranet based solutions to their customers and employees.

    Motorola's WAP gateway is part of a dynamic end-to-end solution for wireless Internet/intranet subscribers that includes mobile phones, browsers, infrastructure, Internet connectivity, applications and a software developer's kit. Motorola's WAP gateway, the most interoperable gateway available with today's WAP-enabled devices, allows mobile users to quickly and easily access and interact with information and services.

    "With our WAP gateway, businesses can fully realize the vast applications the mobile Internet can offer," said Janiece Webb, senior vice president of Motorola's Personal Networks Group. "The Motorola gateway will allow people using WAP-enabled devices to explore enhanced capabilities and gain access to web-based applications and services -- literally changing the way we communicate by bringing the wireless Internet to life."

    As a creator of WAP technology and founding member of the WAP Forum, Motorola is committed to help ensure interoperability and growth via this open, global standard. The Motorola WAP gateway is a major step in fulfilling that mission.

    In tune with the dynamic needs of businesses today, some of the key features of the Motorola WAP gateway include:

    Motorola's WAP gateway is designed to meet the high-performance, scalability and high-availability needs of today's demanding environments. With numerous trials underway, Motorola's WAP gateway has yielded superior results. Some of the key capabilities that customers require, offered by the Motorola WAP gateway include interoperability, stability and e-commerce which enable businesses to securely access confidential information and perform secure transactions.

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