Nokia Launches Its IP Radio Access Network Concept - IP-RAN

    As part of its Global IP Mobility technology strategy, Nokia today introduces its breakthrough concept for IP based Radio Access Networks - supporting the Quality of Service (QoS) and capacity requirements that mobile voice and data network operators will demand in future.

    Nokia aims to be at the forefront in developing IP-based Radio Access Network (IP RAN) solutions encompassing existing technologies such as GSM and GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) as well as major future radio access technologies like EDGE, WCDMA and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks). IP-RAN as well as the underlying core network will be based on mobility optimized for IPv6, enabling hundreds of millions of Mobile Internet users to be securely addressed and accessed.

    "We estimate there will be over 1billion mobile users by the end of 2002. In terms of traffic in the networks, in advanced networks, packet data including IP Telephony will account for around 50% of all wireless traffic by 2004", says Dr JT Bergqvist, Senior Vice President, Nokia Networks. "The evolution towards packet data has already started with GPRS and operators will start launching commercial services in the coming months. Nokia has already demonstrated its leadership in GPRS and evolving the Radio Access Network to be IP-capable is the next logical step in the transition to a ubiquitous 3rd Generation service."

    As usage in packet data services increases, there is a need to effectively manage the network growth and this is optimized when the Radio Access Network and is based on IP, as well as a globally harmonized all-IP Network Core. Existing network investments as well as future investments also need to be protected. Nokia's IP-RAN ensures this by taking an evolution approach to the operator's business. Highly personalized services, accessed via business and personal portals will require the IP access to be as close to the user as possible and the Nokia IP-RAN makes this possible.

    The Nokia concept will enable peer-to-peer communications to be possible across all IP based mobile networks. The primary driver for increased usage is derived from operators' abilities to create new and easily customizable service environments.

    The Nokia IP-RAN solution will enable operators to reduce costs and more easily differentiate themselves in the market by creating a more open development environment and enabling new applications like multimedia messaging and mCommerce (mobile commerce) to be easily introduced to customers.

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