Nokia Launches the Nokia Artus MAX Server, Bringing a Customized WAP Portal for Mobile Internet Services

    Nokia today introduces its newest addition to value-added service platforms - the Nokia Artus MAX Server. The Nokia Artus MAX Server provides a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) portal feature allowing operators to customize and differentiate their service offering as well as brand attractive and personalized WAP services.

    The Nokia Artus MAX Server also serves as a platform for the deployment and delivery of WAP content and services. It will provide operators with the capability to customize and brand a portal home page offering links to WAP applications. In addition to being able to add new localized value-added services specific to market needs, operators will be able to add unique content links and services from third parties.

    Pekka Salonoja, Vice President, Messaging and Service Platforms, Nokia, says: "The Nokia Artus MAX Server is valuable to operators that are increasingly demanding a locally hosted mobile portal to complement their WAP services solution." He emphasizes, "a major strength of this product is that it also enables content and services deployment and provisioning."

    Mobile users can easily personalize information by accessing their portal page via an Internet browser. The Nokia Artus MAX Server enables the user to select and personalize their own range of information from the available content links and services provided by the operator. In addition to the portal, Nokia Artus MAX Server will offer services the operator can select as options. This will initially include an E-mail service called MAX Server E-mail.

    Nokia can offer operators what few others in the industry can; a complete end-to-end WAP solution, including WAP gateways, mobile terminals, browsers, tools for WAP -based content creation and delivery, and systems integration services. Nokia Artus MAX Server is part of this offering and complements the Nokia Artus Messaging Platform by allowing operators to brand their WAP services.

    The Nokia Artus MAX Server protects the operator's initial investment by providing a platform that will evolve with future technologies such as GPRS, EDGE and WCDMA.

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