Nokia Targets Unparalleled Mobile Web-Surfing Experience

    Nokia is launching Nokia Mobile Display Appliances, a new venture focused on the development of internet enabled mobile display devices. The Nokia Mobile Display Appliances venture uses Nokia's expertise in mobility, IP technologies and high-performance displays to offer consumers convenient and innovative access to today's internet anywhere. These mobile display appliances will act as a "mobile window" into the world-wide-web, allowing users to access web-based information, services and communications from anywhere in their environment.

    Existing Internet applications often require a large viewing area to obtain the full experience from the application. By adding mobility, Nokia is creating an unparalleled web-surfing experience which adds value and enables many new applications. The first generation of these products will provide end users with simple, easy to use, instant mobile access to the web, via a home wireless network. Given the rapid developments in broadband wireline and wireless communications technologies, the Nokia Mobile Display Appliances venture provides excellent new opportunities for Nokia to serve emerging digital industries.

    Mr. Timo Ellila, Head of Business Development commented: "Nokia Mobile Display Appliances is an exciting development which fits well with Nokia's expertise and long term strategy as a key player in the Mobile Information Society. These mobile display appliances will provide end users with a unique Internet experience."

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