OracleMobile and Clear the Road for Wireless Access to Up-to-the-Minute Traffic Conditions

    SmartRoute Systems, Inc., the nation's premier provider of traffic and related travel information, today announced they are working with OracleMobile, a subsidiary of Oracle Corp to provide SmarTraveler(R).com traffic content and services to wireless devices. OracleMobile customers will have the ability to access real-time traffic information that is customized to the routes they travel. OracleMobile's service is immediately available at (URL)

    "With OracleMobile(TM), customers will be able to take advantage of accessing the latest, route-specific traffic conditions for their area from mobile devices for the first time," said Denise Lahey, CEO of OracleMobile. "At the touch of a button, OracleMobile gets you from where you are to where you want to be."

    OracleMobile was formed by Oracle Corp. to focus on the rapidly emerging wireless Internet market. OracleMobile is effectively mobilizing the Web with initial access to content and services from 20 leading Internet sites. OracleMobile's service is free of charge to consumers and supports wireless devices with Web or messaging capabilities.

    "OracleMobile is poised to change the way people access the Internet," said Arnie Sheiffer, Chairman and CEO of SmartRoute Systems. "We are excited to offer traffic information through this groundbreaking dissemination platform."

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