osinga.com releases free handheld city guide for CEBIT

Of course you take your Palmtop with when you pay a visit to the CEBIT. You donít have to worry about your Hanover travel guide, because osinga.com offers you the most modern and efficient solution that replaces all this paperwork. This worldwide online travel guide offers you a handheld City Guide of Hanover completely for free - for both Windows CE and Palm OS.

Itís not the first time that the Dutch Internet company osinga.com released Palmtop City Guides. The destinations Istanbul, Florence, Amsterdam and Paris were already available last month. Besides Hanover this first series is extended with the cities Barcelona, Cairo, Marrakesh, Nairobi and Helsinki.

In case of the Hanover Guide osinga.com is cooperating with HANNOVER.DE - the official homepage of the City of Hanover.  The city is this year also host of the EXPO 2000, the first world exhibition of the new Millennium and the first ever to take place in Germany.

Furthermore COMPAQ is going to present osinga.com travel guides at the CeBit on its AERO handheld computers. Both possibilities - online and offline guides - are demonstrated. In addition osinga.com is going to present together with COMPAQ the first City Guide online version for WAP browsers.

Osinga.com offers up-to-date and extended information about many destinations to visitors. The company can keep up a high production-level through the open-source system they gather information with. Open-source means that visitors are allowed to leave their comments and ideas in the present website. This way of working is unique and makes osinga.com the first open-source travel guide of its kind.

The ambitious goal of the project is to cover the whole world before summer 2000. There are still quite a few blanks now, but with a growth like in the last six months osinga.com will soon have a better coverage than any other online source of travel information.

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