PageNet Launches 2-WayPlus On Its Own Advanced Wireless Data Network

Service Enables Internet E-Mail and Other Interactive Services

    PageNet (Nasdaq:PAGE) announced today that it has begun offering Internet e-mail and other interactive services on its own advanced wireless data network. Called 2-WayPlus(TM), the service offers several advantages over other current two-way messaging services, including wider, denser coverage and better pricing for consumers.

    With 2-WayPlus, users have e-mail in the palm of their hands, wherever they go. Subscribers can send and receive Internet e-mail, exchange messages with other two-way devices, and receive traditional numeric and alphanumeric messages. Messages may be up to 5,000 characters -- 10 times the previous limit. If the subscriber is outside the coverage area, or has the device turned off, the PageNet network will store messages for up to three days and deliver them whenever the unit is turned on or re-enters the coverage area.

    Monthly service pricing for 2-WayPlus starts at just $12.95 per month for 10,000 characters. All pricing plans are for nationwide service and include news and information updates in eight categories.

    Coverage for the service is expanded because the PageNet network uses more transmitters per market. "PageNet's advanced network matches our one-way nationwide coverage, which is already the broadest and densest in the industry," said Ted Mullinix, president and chief operating officer of PageNet. "As we've tested 2-WayPlus across the nation over the past few months, the strength, coverage and reliability of our advanced network have been consistently impressive."

    2-WayPlus service features the Motorola PageWriter 2000X, which offers a flip-up screen, a small QWERTY keyboard, a back-lit display and lighted keyboard, and applications for managing messages and the address book. Motorola's "Productivity Suite" applications for this device include a Scheduler, Alert 2000 (a reminder/alarm clock tool), Note Pad and To Do Manager.

    PageNet has marketed SurePage, its 1.5-way assured delivery service, on its own advanced network since May 1999, adding more than 50,000 units in service. More information about 2-WayPlus is available at, or by calling 888/950-7638 or a local PageNet office.

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