Palm Demonstrates Bluetooth-Enabled Handheld Computers At CeBIT 2000

    Palm, Inc., a 3Com company (Nasdaq:COMS), today began demonstrating prototypes of Palm handheld computers wirelessly communicating with PCs and other Palm devices using Bluetooth technology at the CeBIT 2000 show. The company's Bluetooth-enabled Palm products illustrate the technology's potential for providing instant access to personal, public and corporate data between intranets, the Internet, email and mobile devices. The prototypes also highlight Palm's commitment to technology leadership in wireless communications for handheld computing.

    Bluetooth technology is a global specification for small form factor, low-cost wireless communication and networking between PCs, mobile phones and other portable devices. Endorsed by leading PC, handheld computer and telecommunications manufacturers, Bluetooth uses an omni-directional radio signal to connect multiple devices up to 10 meters apart. It replaces proprietary cable, providing seamless voice and data transmission via wireless, short-range radio. Palm is a founding member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

    Palm intends to implement Bluetooth technology into its product line in the second half of this year. The demonstration models at CeBIT will feature Palm handhelds with a Bluetooth snap-on module. Using this module, the Palm handheld computers can wirelessly send information to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. For instance a user could control a PowerPoint presentation displayed on a notebook PC using a Palm device, or "chat" by sending messages between Palm handheld computers.

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