Pixo and AirFlash.com Deliver Personalized, Localized Information to Wireless Phones

Specify What You Want and Find What You Need -- All Without Making A Phone Call

    Pixo, Inc.(TM), a leading provider of mobile commerce solutions, and AirFlash.com, Inc., the leading ASP of location-based mobile content and commerce, today announced that they are working to offer location-specific, personalized content and commerce via Internet-enabled wireless phones.

    The integration of Pixo's mobile commerce software platform with the AirFlash service will allow wireless phone users to:

    "Carriers, service and content providers, as well as handset manufacturers, are looking for ways to enhance their customers' experience by offering valuable services that customers can use every day," said Pixo's president and CEO, David St. Charles. "By working with companies like AirFlash, Pixo is ensuring that handset makers and carriers can give their customers what they want and need. Together, we help drive mobile usage on a grand scale, without sacrificing cost and convenience."

    Central to the AirFlash service is a boundaryless search technology called SmartZone(TM). When users conduct a location-based search, this technology recognizes and accounts for natural and man-made boundaries such as rivers, parks, and railroad easements, thereby guaranteeing the most accurate and relevant answers to mobile-user inquiries. In turn, Pixo's innovative HTML/WML microbrowser allows users to make these location-based queries from their wireless phones.

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