Pixo and Kivera Bring Location-based Services to Wireless Phones

    Pixo, Inc.(TM), a leading provider of mobile commerce solutions, today announced that it is integrating its software platform for next-generation wireless phones with location-based services from Kivera, Inc.(TM)

    When combined, these technologies allow wireless phone users to conduct interactive searches for points of interest, directions, real-time route planning, and mobile directory information. Kivera will also utilize Pixo's graphical user interface to support simplified maps on next-generation handsets.

    Using the Pixo and Kivera technologies, consumers will have access to a rich array of content and services that are specific to their needs and location at any given time. For example, users will be able to search for sites such as restaurants, automatic teller machines, and entertainment venues, all within a specified geographic range. Consumers will also have the option of using addresses in the Pixo address book to search for neighboring sites or generate directions to or from the location.

    "We expect revenues for location-based wireless services to increase more than 100-fold, from less than $30 million in 1999 to $3.9 billion by 2004," said Stephan Beckert of the Strategis Group, a Washington, D.C.-based market research firm. "That makes location-based services one of the fastest-growing applications for wireless communications."

    Using sophisticated server technology, Kivera enables rich databases of geographic and point of interest data that can be queried by a consumer. In turn, Pixo's innovative HTML/WML microbrowser allows users to make these location-based queries from their wireless phones.

    "We believe that location-based services will become one of the key applications for wireless phones in the future," said David St. Charles, president and CEO for Pixo, Inc. "Kivera's technology will provide mobile users with content that is relevant and valuable, wherever they are."

    "Pixo has created a browser platform that is flexible and powerful enough to showcase Kivera's applications and services," said Clay Collier, Kivera's founder and CEO. "Pixo's graphical user interface is ideal for displaying Kivera's mapping graphics, a key component of our offering."

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