Symbian provides the platform on which the next generation of mobile phones run. These next generation devices are beginning to reach the market now, and will proliferate throughout the year 2000. The Ericsson R380 is an example of one of these devices based on the Symbian platform. By 2003, there will be 1 billion of these Wireless Information Devices on the market, as predicted by Nokia, one of Symbianís shareholders.

Symbian has created several reference designs upon which handset manufacturers can design mobile devices. Quartz is an example of one of Symbianís reference designs. Symbian device reference designs are optimized for small, portable handheld computing devices or mobile phones with wireless access to voice and data services. Read more about Symbianís DFRDs

All Symbian based devices are:

Symbian Smartphones and Communicators have the ability to link seamlessly with a PC, with printers, and with the Internet. They send and receive files, synchronize seamlessly with other Wireless Information Devices, and they are extremely practical, fitting neatly into a pocket. Both Smartphones and Communicators are fully integrated mobile computing devices and mobile phones in one.

Quartz is one of Symbianís Communicator reference designs. A Communicator is an information centric device with voice capability. Either a bluetooth wireless headset or an earpiece attached with a wire to the device is used when making or receiving a call.

Symbian also has several Smartphone reference designs, which look similar to todayís mobile phones, but have advanced mobile computing functionality incorporated into the device.


Communicator             Communicator       Smartphone

Quartz incorporates the following functionalities:

The 3-tap Solution
There is currently no other PDA or wireless device on the market that allows an individual to send an email with 3 taps. This is possible with Quartz.

The 3-tap solution
1. Find your contact
2. Write your email
3. Send it


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