RAMBOLL Informatik Introduces New Wireless Technology for Financial Management with Maconomy WAPTIME

    RAMBOLL Informatik, a leader in IT and IT-related management consulting services, project management and systems development, and Maconomy, the leader in WEB-centric business software for the automation of the services industries, today announced the introduction of WAPTIME at RAMBOLL Informatik enabling financial management via mobile telephones. A breakthrough application of wireless technology, the Maconomy WAPTIME solution allows RAMBOLL Informatik's off-site employees to input day-to-day time sheets and expenses with the convenience of mobile phone technology.

    RAMBOLL Group, the parent company to RAMBOLL Informatik, has over 2000 employees, all of whom use Maconomy's in-house business software. RAMBOLL Informatik, the first in the company to adopt Maconomy's wireless application of financial management, is a project-oriented organization with 190 employees, of whom approximately 50 are external consultants. WAP technology alleviates and simplifies the process of registering time sheets and expenses of the consultant by means of the mobile phone.

    "RAMBOLL Informatik is leveraging the power of WAP technology and believes strongly in its possibilities. We not only expect to benefit from the ability to offer our employees WAPTIME's mobile interface, but our experiences will also benefit our customers," said Thorleif Mortensen, Managing Director of RAMBOLL Informatik.

    "We already offer WAP development solutions to our customers across a wide spectrum of services, positioning us as leaders in this field," continued Mortensen.

    WAP Online is the wireless application for current Maconomy clients who use the financial management software in-house. WAPTIME Recorder provides the same access to Maconomy's mobile phone solution for time and expenses to clients currently using other in-house solutions.

    "RAMBOLL is the first of our European customers to move towards an extension of the WAP solution for registering time and expenses. We are experiencing an enormous interest and we expect the interest to grow. Globally, the demand will continue to grow both with current Maconomy customers and for the new clients who wish to simplify the registration of time and expenses, or transfer data to their existing solutions," said Per Tejs Knudsen, Managing Director of Maconomy.

    Per Tejs added, "Maconomy has implemented both WAPTIME Online and WAPTIME Recorder with great success in a number of blue-chip businesses. Maconomy's WAPTIME Recorder was recently implemented at IBM who chose the solution for their consultants in La Gaude. IBM easily integrated WAPTIME Recorder with the existing solution, demonstrating its portability."

    With this extension of RAMBOLL's existing in-house Maconomy solution, RAMBOLL is moving towards integration of its internal IT solutions with the WAP interface. For example, RAMBOLL Informatik's public healthcare system "CARE" illustrates how WAP technology can extend the use of existing solutions within the field of public healthcare. With this cutting-edge technology, a home nurse can receive critical communications from the hospital, as well as convey information about patients who are badly in need of care.

    The financial management solution at RAMBOLL Informatik is based on Maconomy's WAPTIME product line. Nokia's WAP server 1.0 and Nokia 7110 WAP telephone constitute the hardware basis for the solution.

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