Rand McNally Supports Palm, Inc.'s New Color Palm IIIc Organizer Being Unveiled At CeBIT, February 24-March 1

    Rand McNally's StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 Software Now Supports Palm, Inc.'s New Color Operating System.

    Introduction of GPS Attachment Planned.

    Rand McNally, the world's premier provider of geographic and travel information, announces its support for Palm Inc.'s new Palm IIIc(TM) connected organizer. StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 software and a new GPS receiver designed specifically for the Palm IIIc(TM) connected organizer will be shown at CeBIT (Center for Office and Information Technology), the world's leading showplace for information technology, telecommunications and office automation, taking place in Hannover, Germany from February 24 through March 1, 2000.

    "We're extremely delighted to partner with Palm, Inc. in supporting the launch of the Palm IIIc(TM) connected organizer," announced Margaret Stender, Rand McNally senior vice president, consumer travel solutions. "Rand McNally knows the importance of color in producing highly effective navigation solutions. The Palm IIIc(TM) handheld device will enable our mapping software to be showcased at its best - in color, and in a convenient format for today's mobile professional! Our StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 is an ideal application to demonstrate the enhanced consumer experience provided by Palm, Inc.'s new color device."

    StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 allows travelers to download color maps, directions, points of interest and business services onto their Palm(TM) connected organizers. Until now, technology limited users to utilizing grayscale maps on their Palm(TM) connected organizers. The enhanced color detail will better differentiate between back roads, city streets and interstate systems and identify bodies of water, making the maps more intuitive and easier to read.

    These color maps are easily navigable with Rand McNally's user-friendly interface, which features a helpful tool bar for accessing frequently used functions: the Zoom Tool for enhanced, street-level detail; Quick Zoom to bring all marked locations into one screen view; and Find to search by business name, address or Palm(TM) Address Book name. Travelers may toggle between the map and step-by-step directions using their thumb.

    Stender adds, "The color of the Palm IIIc(TM) coupled with the new Rand McNally clip-on GPS receivers will create a terrific portable, handheld navigation tool. The addition of GPS to colored mapping will enable consumers to place themselves on the map and track their progress. Our StreetFinder(R) GPS for Palm III(TM) and StreetFinder(R) GPS for Palm V(TM) receivers will hit stores in April, and we're actively designing a product to support the new Palm IIIc(TM) connected organizer." A prototype of Rand McNally's Palm IIIc(TM) GPS receiver will be shown in the Palm, Inc. booth at CeBIT.

    System Requirements

    StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows(R) 95, Windows(R) 98 or Windows NT(R) 4.0 or higher. Users will need a VGA card and 256-color monitor, 16 MB RAM, 80486 PC or higher, double-speed CD-ROM drive and 125MB of available hard disk space. To access the Rand McNally Web site (www.randmcnally.com), users need an Internet service provider, 14.4 baud or higher modem and an Internet browser. The GPS feature meets NMEA standards and requires a GPS receiver. Palm Computing(R) platform color support requires a Palm IIIc(TM) connected organizer, and Palm OS(TM) 3.5.

    Pricing and Availability

    Retail price for StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 software with color feature is $69.95 ($49.95 after a $20 rebate), available online at www.randmcnally.com beginning May 1, 2000. In addition, the software will be available for purchase directly from Rand McNally at 1-800-671-5006, ext. 910. Customers who currently own StreetFinder(R) Deluxe 2000 may purchase a color upgrade for $20 at www.randmcnally.com beginning May 1, 2000.

    StreetFinder(R) GPS for Palm IIIc(TM) connected organizer will be available this summer. Visit www.randmcnally.com/PalmIIIc to sign up in advance.

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