RegiSoft Demonstrates Mobile e-Commerce Solutions at CeBIT 2000

e-Coupons and e-Vouchers Can Be Sent Directly to Cell Phones and PCs

    RegiSoft Ltd., developers of Internet-based value-added services for mobile commerce and e-commerce, will demonstrate innovative mobile commerce solutions on cellular phones and laptop PCs at Cebit 2000 in Hanover, Germany, from February 24 through March 1.

    RegiSoft will be exhibiting in Hall 15, Booth C36, in the Telecommunications Hall.

    During the exhibition, RegiSoft's World Trade Server(TM) and associated e-Coupon and e-Voucher applications will be displayed on a laptop PC and over global-standard GSM Nokia and Ericsson cellular phones, using Short Message Service (SMS) technology that sends short alphanumeric messages to mobile telephones.

    RegiSoft's applications enable e-Coupons and e-Vouchers to be sent directly to consumers' PCs or mobile phones. Alternatively, consumers can download e-Coupons or e-Vouchers into either platform from the Web. Users can then carry the e-Coupon or e-Voucher in their handheld device for use either at an online store or a brick-and-mortar business.

    The service can be used either in a business-to-business scenario, enabling Internet Service Providers to provide a new tool for advertisers, or in a business-to-consumer scenario in which online stores deliver e-Coupons and/or e-Vouchers directly to consumers. Distribution is handled by RegiSoft's World Trade Server, which also provides critical information for data mining and market analysis because it registers customer information on a real-time database.

    "Given today's competitive market, e-business cannot be satisfied with reaching only online customers, while service providers must search for alternative revenue sources," said RegiSoft President and CEO Gady Shlasky. "RegiSoft's e-Coupons and e-Vouchers answer both these needs while providing market differentiation in the emerging mobile e-commerce market."

    E-Coupons enable vendors to develop one-on-one relationships with customers while adding value pricing. E-Vouchers offer time-saving and convenience benefits for busy consumers by eliminating the need to wait in line to purchase tickets or receive a service.

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