SANYO and PacketVideo Link Forces to Realize Next-Generation Two-Way Mobile Videophones

    SANYO North America Corp., a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co. Ltd., a major world provider of multimedia and mobile communications devices, and PacketVideo Corp., the global leader in wireless multimedia communication software and services for mobile applications, today announced that SANYO North America will develop a two-way mobile videophone based on PacketVideo's MPEG-4 compliant wireless multimedia software.

    This videophone will use the 3G(Generation)-324M protocol stack in PacketVideo's software to enable two-way communication of real-time video and audio over 2.5 and future 3G mobile networks.

    PacketVideo provides software-based encoding and decoding products that enable content providers and wireless carriers to deliver not only data, but also rich media content, to mobile users anytime, anywhere.

    SANYO's two-way mobile videophone is expected to be among the first in the market using a software codec, and PacketVideo's air-interface independence will make the device capable of high-quality, two-way video on today's PHS networks as well as tomorrow's 3G networks. The videophone is expected to reach general production in 2001.

    "PacketVideo provides us with a high-quality, standards-compliant software platform which accelerates our time to the market and enhances our flexibility in easily introducing new capabilities," said Dr. Masahisa Shimizu, the top executive for SANYO Multimedia Center USA, a division of SANYO North America. He firmly believes "our joint project with PacketVideo marks the first steps toward the successful realization of real-time, two-way mobile videophone communications."

    With two-way mobile videophones, callers can see one another and send images of scenery or other items, resulting in a more complete communications experience. PacketVideo's superior compression, error resilience, and concealment technology allows videophones to display high-quality video, even in error-prone mobile wireless environments.

    "SANYO is a leading innovator in mobile communications. Their mobile phone systems are recognized worldwide for their performance, reliability and advanced capabilities. The mobile videophone is yet another example of their progressive approach to the market," said Dr. James Brailean, co-founder, president and chief technology officer of PacketVideo. "We are very pleased to be working with SANYO in taking this new two-way wireless capability to market."

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