Sierra Wireless Announces MobilityLink Joins WirelessReady Alliance, Provides Lotus Sametime Wireless Solution Bundle

    Sierra Wireless (TSE:SW) announced today that MobilityLink has joined the WirelessReady Alliance. MobilityLink is an application service provider and Lotus business partner, focused on delivering wireless solutions to enterprise customers who use the Lotus Domino platform. MobilityLink will offer a "Quick-Start" solution bundle, which will wirelessly enable the Lotus Sametime product using Sierra Wireless AirCard(R) 300.

    With the addition of MobilityLink, the WirelessReady Alliance now totals 29 members representing diversity in categories such as: Hardware Vendors, Applications Service Providers, Software Developers, Service Providers and Integrators.

    Entering the Alliance demonstrates MobilityLink's commitment to the WirelessReady Alliance's vision to accelerate the rate of mobile computing adoption through the delivery of complete and compelling wireless data solutions.

    "We are very pleased to welcome MobilityLink to the WirelessReady Alliance," said Andrew Harries, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Sierra Wireless. " MobilityLink and Sierra Wireless offer different strengths to empower the Sametime wireless vision. It is the synergistic combination of each member's contribution that gives power to wireless real-time collaboration".

    "MobilityLink's wireless connection for Sametime brings a revolutionary new dimension of utility and effectiveness to our clients", said Andrew Velez, President and CEO of MobilityLink. "Instant messaging, real time chat, shared whiteboards and application sharing using wireless will add a new, live dimension to business collaboration for Lotus customers". "MobilityLink will make it easy for customers to obtain and integrate wireless for Lotus Sametime users," said Mr. Velez.

    The MobilityLink Lotus Sametime wireless solution will be demonstrated in the Sierra Wireless Booth at CTIA Wireless 2000 New Orleans (2465H).
About Lotus Development

    Lotus Development Corporation, founded in 1982, is a subsidiary of IBM. Lotus markets its high-quality software products and services in more than 80 countries worldwide. The Lotus product range includes: Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Lotus SmartSuite, and Lotus eSuite. Lotus provides numerous professional consulting, support and education services through the Lotus Services Group. About MobilityLink

    MobilityLink is an application service provider, focused on delivering wireless solutions to enterprise customers. MobilityLink markets, delivers and supports wireless application products, services and solutions to companies in North and Latin America. MobilityLink is also a Lotus business partner assisting customers with extending the Lotus Domino platform to wireless devices. The company is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, and has an office in Denver, Colorado. MobilityLink maintains a web site at
About Sierra Wireless

    Sierra Wireless is a leading provider of wireless data communications hardware and software products. Sierra Wireless delivers wireless PC Cards for portable computers, rugged vehicle-mounted wireless modems and OEM modules for embedded applications. Sierra Wireless is the founding member of the WirelessReady Alliance, an alliance of industry-leading hardware, software and service companies committed to the delivery of complete and compelling wireless data solutions.

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