SigmaOne Announces Development of Breakthrough GSM Location System

    Network Based Solution Will Achieve Better than 300 Foot Accuracy for GSM Consumers and Operators in the United States and Worldwide

    SigmaOne Communications Corp., a leading provider of location systems and services for wireless carriers and the wireless Internet, today announced the development of the company's wireless location system for GSM carriers in the United States and Europe.

    The Sigma 5000 GSM network-based location system offers global GSM carriers a multi-band capability covering the 1900 Mhz PCS band in the U.S., as well as both the 1800 Mhz DCS and 900 Mhz in Europe.

    Designed to operate as either a fully independent overlay or as a standardized T1P1 compliant location system, the Sigma 5000 GSM system will be available for commercial system deployment by the first quarter of 2001.

    "By offering the industry's only network-based location solution, SigmaOne is setting the standard in wireless location technology," said Mark Licht, president of SigmaOne. "The Sigma 5000 GSM is a breakthrough locate system that gives U.S. and European carriers the competitive advantage of not having to upgrade or retro-fit existing hardware. The Sigma 5000 GSM system also gives global carriers stronger coverage, better reliability and most importantly, better efficiency than current GSM systems."

    The Sigma 5000 GSM system is designed to locate all GSM subscribers to better than 300 feet without requiring any modifications to existing handsets. Through a unique combination of its patent-pending TDOA and AOA PowerBoost(tm) Technologies, the Sigma 5000 GSM system increases location accuracy by up to 50 percent over competing systems and dramatically improves system availability in the most difficult urban, rural and in-building environments. By combining its ability to track reverse control and voice channels with its ability to process multiple signals simultaneously, the Sigma 5000 GSM system has the capacity of making more than a million location measurements per minute in a typical cellular network.

    This unique combination of high accuracy, reliability and capacity will allow SigmaOne to deliver a new generation of highly accurate location based services including E-911, fleet management, mobile yellow pages, driving directions, location based traffic information and location sensitive billing to consumers and wireless carriers worldwide.

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