Program, Web Site Designed to Assist Developers in the Creation of Wireless Internet Applications

Sprint today announced a new program and Web site developer.sprintpcs.com geared to help Web developers around the world create their own Sprint PCS Wireless Web applications or simply make their own Web sites accessible to the service. The Sprint PCS Application Developer's Program is designed to make it easy for independent and corporate developers to become a part of one of the fastest-growing areas in telecommunications wireless data applications and the Sprint PCS Wireless Web.

"Sprint developed this Web site to harness the power of all the application developers who are looking for a wireless platform for their creations," said Jim Ryan, director of Data Applications and Content. "By 2002, more than 100 million mobile phones will be able to reach the Internet. Through our Sprint PCS Wireless Web service and the expertise of application developers, we are aggressively pursuing ways to make wireless data as useful, beneficial and valuable as possible for our subscribers. It's now easier than ever for developers to become a part of the Sprint PCS Wireless Web."

Visitors to the Web site can register to access the Sprint PCS Developer's Toolkit, which is free and includes everything needed to develop wireless applications for the Sprint PCS Wireless Web or make a Web site accessible to users of this wireless data service. In addition, visitors can find answers to frequently asked questions about the program, learn about current partners and read about the latest Sprint PCS news.

Current Premier partners in the Sprint PCS Application Developer's Program include 724 Solutions, Amazon.com, Ameritrade, Bloomberg L.P., CNN Mobile, GetThere.com, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, InfoSpace.com, MapQuest.com, QUALCOMM, The Weather Channel, Wireless Knowledge, LLC, and Yahoo!.

"We're not just seeking content providers," said Ryan. "We're also encouraging developers of middleware, enterprise solutions, and vertical and horizontal market applications to join us in bringing their creativity and vision to the Sprint PCS Wireless Web."

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