TANTAU Shows New Wireless Enterprise Platform for Mobile E-Commerce at CeBIT 2000

    Partners with Hewlett Packard, Compaq and Siemens Business Services to show the TANTAU Wireless Internet Platform at CeBIT

    TANTAU Software, Inc., developers of software and services that enable enterprises to conduct mobile e-commerce (m-commerce), today announced that it will be demonstrating their recently announced Wireless Internet Platform at CeBIT 2000. TANTAU will showcase its new technology at various partner booths throughout the CeBIT conference. CeBIT, the world's largest computer trade show, is being held in Hannover, Germany, February 24 through March 1.

    TANTAU's comprehensive, multi-platform solution is the first to allow an enterprise to take full advantage of the m-commerce revolution without sacrificing security, scalability or a direct link to the customer. Their Wireless Internet Platform will be shown in the following booths:

    -- Hewlett-Packard, booth A-24, hall 18 - The TANTAU Wireless Internet Platform will be shown as a solution for wireless banking and wireless stock trading, developed through its partnership with Hewlett-Packard. There will also be a demonstration of TANTAU's product in Hewlett-Packard booth 7i2, located in hall one.

    -- Compaq, booth 4h2, hall one - Compaq will demonstrate the TANTAU Wireless Internet Platform with Compaq's Aero and the Zero Latency Enterprise platform.

    -- Siemens Business Services, booth D-40, hall 26 - Siemens Business Services will demonstrate a wireless travel management solution using TANTAU's technology.

    TANTAU's Wireless Internet Platform enables an enterprise to integrate its wireless and wired online channels, offering solutions for businesses who anticipate high volume of e-commerce transactions. It features multiple protocol support (WAP 1.1, SMS, HTTP), gateways for integration with back-end applications and data sources and the ability to create personalized applications based on user preference. TANTAU creates a link for a variety of wireless and wired devices - cellular telephones, personal digital assistants, pagers and Web browsers. The Wireless Internet Platform addresses the critical requirements for m-commerce: security, scalability, availability and transaction integrity.

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