TeleCorp, Lucent Technologies and Nokia First to Demonstrate WAP Services over TDMA Network

    TeleCorp PCS, Inc. (NASDAQ NM: TLCP), the largest affiliate of AT&T Wireless Services, in collaboration with Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) and NOKIA (NYSE: NOK), the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, today announced they will be the first to demonstrate WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) services over a time division multiple access (TDMA) network in the U.S. The demonstration will also highlight a new location based data service that calls up specific and local information (e.g., locations of and directions to nearby restaurants, hotels, ATM machines, stores and movie theatres). The demonstration will take place at Lucent's booth 5515 and Nokia's booth 3115 at the Ernest P. Morial Convention Center during the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association's Wireless 2000 Show, February 28 - March 1, 2000. Senior managers from the respective companies will be available at the Lucent booth 5515 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM on Monday, February 28 to discuss the trial.

    The demonstration will feature a variety of mobile Internet services accessible directly from WAP-enabled mobile phones and will take place in TeleCorp's SunCom TDMA network. The Internet content and communication are enabled by Nokia 7160 WAP phones and circuit-switched data transmission technology supported by the Lucent-supplied TDMA network. The Internet services and location based services are two-way and include access to real-time stock prices; flight information; road and traffic status; weather; games; directions; lodging information; restaurants/reviews; local attractions; sports news; and news headlines.

    The trial is a pre-cursor to TeleCorp's mobile data service offering, which will be offered over its SunCom digital wireless network later this year. This trial is a follow-up to the successful two-way SMS and Internet services trial that was conducted with Lucent and Nokia in New Orleans during the Sugar Bowl on January 5, 2000. These trials are providing participants with a "live" network scenario for experimentation with wireless data on a 1900 MHz TDMA network.

    "This trial represents another bold step for us. We are forging ahead, aggressively pursuing a wireless data product. Working with Lucent and Nokia gives us the opportunity to collaborate with the industry leaders and provide them insights into the needs of carriers and end-users," said Gerald T. Vento. "Wireless data presents a tremendous opportunity, and this trial - the second in two months - will help us better shape our offering."

    "The marriage of wireless mobile communications and the Internet is a powerful notion that offers network operators a means to offer tailor-made services that are time and location-specific," said Chuck Many, Lucent Technologies vice president--Emerging Wireless Carriers. "We're glad to join a pioneer like TeleCorp in bringing the benefits of the mobile Internet to market, and to be the first network supplier to introduce WAP-based services on a TDMA digital platform."

    "The combination of the Internet and mobility will transform everyday life, giving users a new found freedom through intuitive, personalized and location-based applications and services," said Paul Chellgren, vice president, product management and business development, Nokia Mobile Phones.

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