The Nokia 9110i Communicator offers WAP services to the large community of knowledge workers

Nokia complements the range of its WAP enabled products by introducing the Nokia 9110i Communicator supporting WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Also, users of the existing Nokia 9110 Communicators will be able to upgrade their devices to be WAP compatible with an accessory package. The enhanced Nokia 9110i Communicator was introduced at CeBIT 2000 in Hanover, Germany and at the Nokia - Designed for Life event in Hong Kong. The Nokia 9110i Communicator will be available during the third quarter of 2000. An upgrade for the Nokia 9110 Communicators providing the same new functionality will be available at the same time.

"The Nokia 9110i Communicator will continue to support the Internet browsing and e-mail services, but the add-on WAP application will provide users with access to a new emerging group of mobile Internet services. The large display and the keyboard function of the communicator are ideal for WAP based services with graphics and tables. Services, such as mobile banking, news and various corporate Intranet applications, will be particularly fast and convenient to use with the Nokia 9110i Communicator," said Søren Jenry Petersen, Vice President, Cellular Mobile Telephones, Nokia Mobile Phones.

The Nokia 9110i Communicator will also support the Quick Imaging and Find applications as new add-on software. To enhance the usability and functionality, the Nokia 9110i Communicator will have the Outlook 2000 support for PC Suite. It will also provide the MacSuite software for transferring information and software between communicators and Macintosh computers. Both of these software add-ons will also be available for current Nokia 9110 Communicator users.

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