The Norwegian christian Internet webservice GospelSearch released today, 07.02.2000, the entire Bible available through the new mobile Internet - WAP - as the first in the world to accomplish this.

Late last year, GospelSearch released the world's first christian wapsite - including the entire Bible - in Norwegian. Now, fortunately, the most printed and read book in the world is available in English through WAP-technology. As far as we know, this is also the world's first WAP-production of its kind.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is the new standard for surfing the Internet with mobile units - preferrably cellullar phones. There is a major industrial momentum behind this standard, and all the major manufacturers of mobile phones - like Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson and Siemens - will within a year or so produce all their phones with WAP-capabilities.

This means that finally - virtually everybody (at least in western society) has access to the entire Bible any time, any place - just a few clicks away. The unique feature with the WAP-technology is that it is always accessible - in comparison to the WEB technology where you have to have a desktop computer near by.

For the lucky few who already possess a WAP-phone, the service can be reached through the following address: while the less fortunate can go to the regular website and read all about it.

The service is very easy to use, and the user simply enters a Bible verse reference and clicks "Look up!". If the user for example wants to look up the gospel according to John, chapter 3 - verse 16 (the little Bible), he can write "joh 3,16" or "john 3,16" or other similar syntactic alternatives, and the verse will be displayed on the phone screen.

Shortly, we will provide free text search as well, but it is a real challenge to provide for effective searching and browsing with the limited screen sizes of the cellullar phones.

The Bible text is the old King James translation from 1611, but we also hope to get a deal to use a more modern translation in the future.

Except for phone charges with your telephone company, the service is free of charge.

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