The Power of Mobile Unified Messaging

Siemens And Comverse To Demonstrate WAP-Based Messaging Applications On Live GPRS System

    At CeBIT 2000 in Hannover, Siemens Information and Communication Networks and Comverse Network Systems, a subsidiary of Comverse Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMVT), will demonstrate Comverse' unified messaging services and a Wireless Application Protocol- (WAP) based Mobile Visual Mailbox(TM) (MVM) using Siemens' General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Network. By leveraging WAP and GPRS, the demonstration shows how mobile users are able to instantly browse through their mailboxes and use the handset's voice capabilities to listen, reply or return a call. The demonstration is shown on live GPRS demo handsets at the Siemens booth (H14 in hall 14).

    Comverse's unified messaging and MVM applications enable mobile subscribers to view and manage their voice, e-mail, fax or SMS messages via GPRS. Comverse's innovative MVM is an enhancement to traditional telephone interfaces. It frees the subscriber from the telephone's limited "serial/DTMF only" access to messages, and is available when using any WAP phone, PDA or terminal with IP connectivity.

    Using MVM, voice mail attains the same excellent message management qualities as e-mail. Subscribers can view the headers of multiple messages simultaneously and have full control over all the regular mailbox options (Listen, Send, Modify, Fax Forwarding, etc). Users can access a specific message without having serially to go through all the messages preceding it as with regular phones. Having selected the appropriate message, it is then either played (voice mail or e-mail with text-to-speech), shown on screen (e-mail), or transmitted (fax). Visit the Comverse Network Systems booth at CeBIT (E44 in hall 17).

    For the demonstration, Siemens provides a complete GPRS and WAP infrastructure solution to enable end-to-end mobile IP connectivity between the demo handsets and the Comverse enhanced services system. Using the Siemens GPRS solution, users at CeBIT are able to instantly view their messages making it easy to retrieve and respond to each message. The solution is more efficient than a traditional circuit switch data connection, since subscribers will be charged by the size of message they retrieve or send, rather than by traditional airtime.

    Lothar Pauly, President of the Communication on Air division at Siemens Information and Communication Networks, said, "The cooperation with Comverse enables us to demonstrate that, in addition to information services and mobile commerce, we can now offer advanced messaging solutions through GPRS. The integration of Comverse's products within our mobile solutions portfolio builds on our respective strengths: Siemens expertise in Internet Communications for cellular networks and Comverse's leadership in providing enhanced services systems and software."

    According to David Booker, Managing Director, Comverse UK, "We are very pleased to have the opportunity to show with Siemens for the first time, messaging applications using the IP-based GPRS network. The MVM application running over GPRS creates new opportunities for service providers to enrich their enhanced services offer with instant and interactive access to the subscribers' mailbox. The new services that Comverse and Siemens demonstrate over GPRS are one of the first milestones in the road for next generation applications in 3G mobile networks."

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