Trintech Launches eVIA 2000, Next Generation Mobile Electronic Payment Appliance

    Innovative Payment Devices With Sleek New Design Allow for Greater Mobility and Access to Emerging

    Payment Environments Including GSM and the Internet

    Trintech Group PLC (Nasdaq:TTPA; Neuer Markt:TTP), a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions, today announced the launch of eVia 2000, the company's latest range of electronic payment appliance designed for mobile payment environments. By incorporating wireless technology, the eVia 2000 meets the payment needs of a new breed of mobile merchants such as Taxis, Home Delivery operators, Public Transport carriers and Airlines.

    The eVia 2000 includes the following features:

  Payment Mobility: With its compact design, eVia 2000 is designed
     to allow merchants to accept transactions payments from any
     remote location.
  Range of Communications: eVia is designed to accommodate the
     multitude of existing and next generation communication channels
     available to merchants, including standard telephony, ISDN, DECT
     (wireless-LAN environments), GSM and via the Internet.
  Contemporary Design: Style matters. eVia 2000 is one of the most
     stylish ePOS appliances on the market with a variety of color
     options to meet the aesthetic requirements of each merchant
  Multiple Card Types: eVia 2000 is designed to accept all payment
     card types, including credit, debit and smart cards, in one
     ergonomic unit.
  Powered by PayWare Inside: eVia is powered by PayWare allowing
     the merchant to integrate a range of rich payment applications
     such as multi-currency, fuel and fleet, restaurant and tax
     options, mobile phone payment , etc.
  Internet Enabled: eVia design is capable of Internet access with
     a micro-browser display and connection over standard Internet
     networks to the payment processor or specialized web services.
  Compact size: The eVia 2000 offers merchants the most
     comprehensive range of payment applications with an ergonomic
     design that does not compromise the device's key functions, such
     as card reading, graphic display, fast paper roll change and
     power management.
  International Support: The PayWare Inside software solution is
     supported by a software development kit for international
     partners allowing them to certify the technology for local market

    "The eVia 2000 mobile appliance addresses a significant and growing sector of the card payment market," says John McGuire, CEO of Trintech. "Banks, merchants and consumers using eVia 2000 have few restrictions about payment locations and the product further exhibits Trintech's capability in bring solutions to all locations of the cashless society."

    Trintech invites all to take an online multi-media tour of the eVia 2000 at

    Availability & Pricing

    eVia 2000 will be available Feburary 2000. Pricing for the eVia 2000 is available on request.

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